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Starting, Expanding or Locating Your Business in Lancaster County

Since 1960, EDC of Lancaster County has helped countless companies with a variety of services and support, including project financing, community development projects and working to help companies locate their businesses to or grow their businesses in Lancaster County. Below is a snapshot of the programs and support we provide to new and existing companies. Click on each for more information.

To compare Lancaster County to other areas, visit the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development’s Compare Communities tool.

A Great Place to Live

Lancaster County offers a unique collection of cultural opportunities, and provides a safe and welcoming place to raise a family.





Incentives & Financing

EDC of Lancaster County, along with its affiliate organization EDC Finance Corporation, provides financing and incentives to companies and businesses looking to locate or expand in the area.

Major Employers

View a list of the largest employers in the Lancaster County area, and some of the key companies who call this area home.


Find Properties

Locate commercial and industrial properties that are best suited for your business.