On Thursday, May 12th, EDC Finance led a tour to three active farms in Lancaster County.  Employees from the Department of Community & Economic Development, EDC & EDC Finance Corporation, members of the EDC Finance Board and EDC Finance Loan Committee, and other guests took part in the day’s events.

First Stop:  Michael & Heather Lewis’ Broiler Farm in Mount Joy

The Lewis’ built a third broiler house in 2015 with the help of a PIDA loan.


Second Stop:  Shelmar Acres in Mount Joy, owned by Mitch & Heather Shellenberger

A PIDA loan helped the Shellenberger’s construct a 25-head hog barn in 2015.


Lunch at Acorn Farms:  The group heard presentations from Dustin Dreyfuss, Egg Marketing Services Manager at Dutchland Farms and Michael Peachey, a partner at Acuity Advisors and CPAs, who specializes in Ag & Agri-Business Services.


Third Stop:  Yippee Farms in Mount Joy, owned by Arlin & Deborah Benner

EDC Finance helped Arlin & Deborah purchase their farm in 2008 using a PIDA loan, formerly part of the Small Business First – First Industries Fund.


Thank you to the Lewis’, Shellenberger’s, Benner’s, and Acorn Farms for a great day!

Photo credit:  Jean Rehrig