Construction began this month on a $35 million health care facility in Lancaster City called Clio Health Lancaster, and plans already are in the works to add a hotel to the property.

Clio Health Lancaster, a four-story, 144,000 square-foot building, will feature four operating rooms, employ more than 20 physicians, and create at least 100 new health care jobs in Lancaster.

It will house the newest technology health care has to offer in specialties such as orthopedics, physical therapy, imaging and wellness.

Clio Health will feature additional specialties when it opens, but details are not yet available on which, said Marcus Grimm, chief marketing officer for a Lancaster-based venture capital firm, Aspire Ventures.

Aspire, a venture capital firm that has a history of investing in health care-focused technology companies, is part of a group of firms developing the Clio Health project.

The real estate is owned mostly by East Lampeter Township-based Redcay Development Co Inc., which is the developer for Clio Health. Aspire is a minority owner of the real estate and business entities, and then the majority owner of the technology.

There are also additional investors participating in various levels of the Clio Health project.

The goal is to use state-of-the-art technology in an effort to streamline care, reduce costs and improve health outcomes, a news release said.

Along with Clio Health, Aspire is also working on plans for a 35,000-square-foot hotel on the same site to serve patients’ families.

The health care industry is going through what Grimm described as a patient revolution, and patients are demanding more consumer power and want to be treated like customers.

“They expect more,” Grimm said. “This will be a high-touch, high-tech facility dedicated to providing the type of personalized medicine that patients demand.”

The project is being constructed at the former Lancaster Stockyards site on Marshall Avenue, in the city’s northern end. Aspire predicts it will be complete in 2017.

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