The New Lancaster

What comes to mind when you think of Lancaster? For some, the name might conjure Amish buggies, rolling hills, pretzels glossy with butter and hand-crafted furniture.

For those who’ve visited the county recently it might be craft beer, world-class produce, charming small towns, Central market and a resurgent downtown.

But if you’ve spent any significant time in this evolving area of south-central PA lately, you’ll probably mention tech startups, innovative farmland preservation efforts, a live-entertainment industry mecca, an increasingly connected and collaborative community, and historic streets lined with art galleries, boutiques and independent restaurants.

To be fair: They’re all true.  You can still buy fresh donuts and spend some time on a working farm. You can also launch a company out of a cutting-edge co-working space and then wind down with a locally-distilled tipple. Lancaster is changing, becoming more dynamic and a bit more complicated.  People who live and work there know it. Now it’s up to the rest of us to catch up.

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