Financial & Professional Services Opportunities in Lancaster County

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Financial & Professional Services in Lancaster County

The financial and professional services industry benefits from Lancaster County’s central location in the New York City – Washington, D.C. corridor. With access to both industry regulators and key financial centers, companies doing business are perfectly positioned for greater access.

Financial & Professional Services Facts for Lancaster County

  • Ideal Mid-Atlantic location in the Eastern time zone, ensuring access to key domestic and international financial and consumer centers
  • Proximity to industry regulators and major financial institutions
  • Educated workforce with a large concentration of higher education institutions in southeastern Pennsylvania

Competitive Advantages

Access to Markets

Lancaster County is centrally located in the New York-Washington, D.C. corridor and is within a 500-mile radius of more than 40% of the U.S. population and more than 60% of Canada’s population.

Transportation Infrastructure

Lancaster County is in one of the most productive distribution corridors and boasts a robust transportation infrastructure, including easy access to rail, road, and international airports.

Incentives & Financing

EDC of Lancaster County, along with its sister organization EDC Finance Corporation, provides financing and incentives to companies and businesses looking to locate or expand in the area.