Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority’s Borough Revitalization Program in Marietta, Strasburg Borough, Commercial Building in Downtown Mount Joy, Upcoming Events.


Lancaster County Boroughs Economic Development Newsletter


May 2016


Implementing Development Strategies in Lancaster County’s River Towns

In 2011, the Donegal Region Comprehensive Plan was created by representatives from East Donegal Township, Marietta Borough, Mount Joy Borough, Donegal School District, and the Lancaster County Planning Commission. The Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority has been working closely with partners within Marietta Borough on various redevelopment/revitalization projects in implementing the goals, strategies, and objectives within this plan.

Adaptive Reuse Strategy

Currently, the Redevelopment Authority and the Marietta Restoration Association (MRSA) are working in conjunction to identify and assess vacant and underutilized properties to provide adaptive reuse strategies for the Borough. The adaptive reuses support economic revitalization through the growth of commercial and market rate residential endeavors. The Marietta Bank Building is a prime example of the types of buildings available within the Borough with exceptional viable potential (see write-up from April’s Newsletter).  An additional on-going collaborative project with MRSA and Borough is the Union Meeting House, Old Town Hall, and the Surrounding Streetscape Project.  To learn more about this project, which focus on preserving the longevity and resurgence of economic viability for the two historic public facilities, please click here.

Recreation and Lifestyle Strategy

The Redevelopment Authority is also working to supplement the existing recreational market in the Borough. The Northwest River Trail has brought thousands of outdoor enthusiasts through the Borough. The Authority is working to create a trailhead facility to serve users of the trail, drawing them into the historic downtown of Marietta. The trailhead will provide amenities to walkers, hikers, and cyclists and introduce them to the unique dining and entertainment activities available within the Borough.  The Redevelopment Authority is working with the Borough, Susquehanna Riverlands Leadership Committee and other local stakeholder to help define the project.

Expanding Cultural and Performing Arts Strategy

In another effort to stimulate the resurgence of the entertainment market, the Redevelopment Authority has partnered with the Susquehanna Stage Company to determine potential uses and operating models for the Marietta Theater, located in downtown Marietta. The Theater presents an important role in the revitalization of Marietta’s downtown. The Redevelopment Authority will be conducting focus groups to gauge community perspective on Marietta and possible uses for the theater. Interested partakers should contact Katie Walsh,, for information about being involved in the discussions.

To read more about the Redevelopment Authority’s Borough Revitalization Program, click here.


Strasburg Borough

Strasburg Borough is an historic borough located in the middle of the County, southeast of the City of Lancaster.  With origins in the 1700s, the borough has beautifully restored historic buildings lining Main Street. Strasburg has a population of just over 3,000 people and a median household income slightly higher than the County.  Learn more about Strasburg Borough here.

Population:  3,051 (12th most populous Borough in the County)
Size:  617 acres (14th largest Borough in the County)
Population Density:  4.95 people per acre
Median Household Income:  $62,671


Commercial Building in Downtown Mount Joy


There is a unique and prominent commercial building located in downtown Mount Joy for sale.  The building sits on the corner of Main and Barbara Street with approximately 7,000 square feet per floor.  To view the listing from Sable Commercial Realty, click here.


Upcoming Events

Boroughs Economic Development Discussions

Tuesday, May 24th – 8:00 AM
Elizabethtown Borough Office

Wednesday, May 25th – 8:00 AM
Ephrata Borough Hall

Thursday, May 26th – 12:00 PM
Strasburg Borough Office

You can find more information here.

Taking Planning into the Schools
Hosted by the Lancaster County Planning Commission
Wednesday, May 25th from 4:00 – 5:30 PM
Conference Room 102, 150 N. Queen St.
You can find more information here.

Wake Up to the Issues Forum: “State Budget Update”
Hosted by The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Thursday, June 9th from 11:30 – 1:00 PM
Cork Factory Hotel, 480 New Holland Ave.
You can find more information here.

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