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Strategic Plan for EDC

The strategic plan provides an opportunity to reposition the role of EDC, facilitated by new leadership and evolving effective economic development practices, to focus on the tri-part goal of “growth, prosperity, and inclusion.” (A. Liu, Brookings Institute, 2016.) EDC seeks to advance Lancaster County’s economic development to more fully realize the County’s potential (growth) – sustainably over time (prosperity) – to benefit the community as a whole (inclusion).

Center for Regional Analysis

In late 2016, EDC’s Board of Directors focused on a growing trend in the economic development industry:  the need and expectation for strong data and analysis as a fundamental to driving its own programming as well as guiding effective, sustainable growth in Lancaster County.  Recognizing a void in the Central PA marketplace, EDC advanced an ambitious initiative to develop its own applied economic research center, securing $1 million in seed grants from both The Steinman Foundation and the BB&T Economic Growth Fund at the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Media Center

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EDC’s membership is comprised of organizations and businesses in the community that support the mission of EDC.  View our membership and learn how you can help us to enhance the economic well-being of Lancaster County.

Key Partners

EDC works with a number of key partners to help advance the economic and overall well-being of Lancaster County. Some of our key partners include: