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Guess who made the cut! LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA!

This newly hip Victorian city—just three hours from New York City—is still one of the U.S.’s best kept secrets, says Marchant. “The center of Amish country is bucolic but boasts a bustling food scene and is quickly becoming a cultural hotbed. The architecture is the real star, so explore the alleys and cobblestone streets by foot, checking out the many repurposed old warehouses that house thriving businesses, such as the Thistle Finch Distillery for cocktails and The Fridge for well-curated beers.” The culinary star is Luca, quickly gaining national acclaim for its Italian dishes that pay homage to local farming communities. “The arts are central to Lancaster’s growth, notably the stunning Fulton Theatre and neighboring Prince Street, Lancaster’s gallery row, which pulses with art on summer first Fridays.”


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