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We recently covered the best cities for people who want to work in tech. But what if you want to work in the arts? Just as San Francisco is a popular but expensive destination for coders, New York has long been the dream for artistic types. However, even established artists like Patti Smith and David Byrne have said the dream is over: young artists can’t afford NYC anymore.
So where should aspiring artists go instead to find community, inspiration, and cheap enough rent that they don’t have to work all the time and can focus on their craft?
We’ve got an idea—five, in fact. Here are the best cities for artists, writers, musicians, and filmmakers.

Average monthly rent: $952
Most people associate Lancaster County with the Amish, but you won’t find horse and buggies in the city itself. What you will find is a vibrant arts scene with a welcoming attitude toward young artists.
Hawa Lassanah, an artist, photographer, and executive director of The Discerning Eye Center for the Arts says that, after moving to Lancaster to attend college, she realized it was the perfect place to build an artistic life.
“First and foremost, it’s an affordable place to live. Downtown is the creative class: entrepreneurs, artists, burgeoning tech.” Lassanah says. “You can have one job, like waitstaff, and live here, play here.”
In addition, Lassanah says the influence of the Amish makes Lancaster more artist-friendly.
“It’s always been a DIY place to live,” she says. “You do it yourself, you make it yourself.” This is the impulse of all artists.
In addition, she says, “There’s a lot going on.” Lassanah’s own search for community led her to create DECA as a place for artists of all levels to work, gather, have shows, and connect with others.
Lancaster’s other creative credentials include:

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