We Know Lancaster and Central PA
Launched in early 2018, the Center for Regional Analysis (CRA) is the premier source of insight into economic conditions driving our local economy.

Unemployment in Lancaster County:
Tracking Initial Claims to Understand the State of Business
In the moment, initial unemployment claims are providing important, timely information on how businesses are responding to COVID-19 conditions and signaling their outlook on the economy returning to normal. The Center for Regional Analysis’ full report can be downloaded here.

Consumer Sentiment:
The May Read on the Economic Outlook of Lancaster County Residents
The Center for Regional Analysis partnered with the LNP Media Group to launch a Lancaster-based poll of people’s confidence and expectation about the economy.  Despite evidence of a weakening economy, consumer sentiment in Lancaster County slipped only three points in May to 73.8. While this score matches the national read on consumer sentiment, a key difference emerged. Lancaster County residents have greater expectations of a local economic recovery. The full report can be downloaded here.

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What WE Do
informed decision making to drive economic growth in local economies
CRA conducts research on a range of policy and market issues impacting the growth of regional communities and businesses.

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Naomi Young
Director, Center for Regional Analysis


Who WE are
Data-driven Local research

History of CRA
In late 2016, EDC’s Board of Directors focused on a growing trend in the economic development industry: the need and expectation for strong data and analysis as fundamental to driving its own programming as well as guiding effective, sustainable growth in Lancaster County. Recognizing a void in the Central PA marketplace, EDC advanced an ambitious initiative to develop its own applied economic research center, securing $1 million in seed grants from both The Steinman Foundation and the BB&T Economic Growth Fund at the Lancaster County Community Foundation.

Recognizing the importance of independence in research, EDC’s sister organization, the Foundation of the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County (FEDC), provides oversight of the initiative. However, the Center is integrated with the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County (EDC), sharing essential operating services.

The Center is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)3. It does not engage in lobbying or other political processes (e.g., activities influencing legislation or political campaigns).

Mission Statement
The Center for Regional Analysis is a nonpartisan research center dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing and vitality of local and regional economies through independent economic insight and data-driven analysis. Our mission is to strengthen the knowledge base that is being used to chart a course for economic development.

Core Values
The Center’s core values emphasize how it engages in issues and research. They define the Center’s concept of integrity and play a role in how the Center evaluates the appropriateness of research projects.

CRA’s core values are:

Provide independent and impartial analysis, while recognizing that the Center is invested in economic development and business.

Maintain a high level of curiosity driving analysis and engagement.

Conduct rigorous, objective research and analysis, through avoidance of conflict of interest and bias.

Be forward looking in our research agenda and adoption of analytic techniques that are beholden to data-driven analysis and findings.