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Boroughs Collaborative

The Lancaster County Boroughs Collaborative is a ground-level approach to working with the 18 Boroughs of Lancaster County on economic development initiatives to achieve measurable economic and community revitalization goals.


Local leaders have expressed ongoing interest in economic development that generates tax revenue, addresses barriers to redevelopment, and improves vitality in key areas.  The Boroughs Collaborative was created as a way to engage with the Boroughs and bring value to their pursuit of economic development. Key components of the initiative include expanding outreach and connections at the local level, creating value through facilitating and participating in projects, and developing ways to work more collectively at a more macro level.

2017 Working Group

The working group helping drive this initiative includes:

2017 Work Plan

The purpose of the Collaborative is to drive investment to our urban areas. The role of the Boroughs Collaborative in 2017 is to:

I. Expand Outreach & Connections at the Local Level

II. Create Value Through Facilitating & Participating in Projects

III. Develop Ways to Work Collectively at a More Macro Level